Meet Bob

Bob is a past litigation attorney of 43+ years who semi-retired in 2016 to focus on Biblical ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolutions) functions and to resume the weekly writing and publication of his P.E.A.R.s ( Periodic Encouragement And Reminders).

His passion is the pursuit of Truth – to seek it, search it and share it – with the hope that through his writing, speaking opportunities and service as a Christian mediator and arbitrator that others will be encouraged to join with him on that journey – no matter where they may currently be on that issue or what questions they may have.

He has been married for forty-two years with three children and four grandchildren; loves to play tennis and engage in various projects inside and outside the home in Southern California, where he and his wife have lived since 1986.

He also has a prolific appetite for Bible study and extensive, related reading.

You can also use these links to read expansions of his: professional background, family overview and personal testimony from his On the Rock ADR website.

Thank you.